Wessex Squash Club Membership

Membership Rates

  • Adult £30 pm
  • Adult Off-Peak* £18 pm(off-peak is before 5:20pm and after 8:40pm on weekdays and any time at weekends)
  • Family membership* £48 pm
  • Junior (under 19)* £12 pm
  • Student membership* £18 pm(at college or university full time)

Company / corporate memberships are available on request. Please contact the membership secretary at info@wessexsquashclub.co.uk.

Membership entitles club members to book court sessions of 40 minutes using the online booking system, to a maximum of 10 future court bookings at any one time (for off-peak member restrictions see below). There are no extra charges for court sessions – the membership fee is ‘all-inclusive’ – so the more you play, the less it costs!

To request a membership form email info@wessexsquashclub.co.uk

* In addition to the standard junior membership, for very young players just starting out a junior membership of £6 a month is available with the agreement of the committee who will review individual requests.

* Family membership normally constitutes up to two adult members and two junior members (under 19). Other ‘family combinations’ will be reviewed by the committee on request and an appropriate membership rate may be applied.

Standing order is the preferred method of payment for all membership fees. Cheque arrangements are only allowed with the agreement of the Membership Secretary / Treasurer. Cash payments for membership fees are not accepted.

Guest Guidelines

With effect from 1st January 2012 the guest fee is £3.50 per 40 minute court session. Guest fees are to be paid for all courts – weekday, evenings and weekends.

A guest can only play with a paid-up member of the club and can only play on one peak time court. Two consecutive courts can only be used if at least one of the courts is an off-peak time.

To comply with licensing regulations ALL guests must be signed in on the guest sheet and their fees paid before playing.

Guests who are playing on a regular basis over a period of time should be encouraged to take out a membership.

Off-Peak Members

* Off-peak court times are before 5:20pm and after 8:40pm on weekdays and any time at weekends.

* Off-peak members must pay a £3.50 guest fee if they play during peak times.

* Off-peak members cannot play a guest on a peak time court.

To request a membership form email info@wessexsquashclub.co.uk